I'm a fine art photographer and videographer. I'm a mom, an artist, a go-getter and an adventurer, and I absolutely love what I do! Capturing true emotion and delivering life long memories is such a special and important roll to take on. 

My work is classic and bold, with a touch of warmth and moodiness. I take pride in creating a space that allows my clients to relax and feel comfortable in front of my camera. Which in turn allows me to capture their true selves. 

I got my start in weddings when my sister basically forced me to capture hers in 2018. She knew that I was more than capable, and that I just needed a push. I've never looked back and have been capturing love ever since! To this day she is still my biggest fan. 

Some things that I enjoy outside of capturing memories is exploring this world and all of its wonders with my son, who is my BFF. As a family we love to take out our camper, visit science museums and have dance parties in our kitchen.